Attorney Eric Sanchez

Eric Sanchez, Consultant

Eric has a well-earned reputation for logistics, efficiency and is quick to apply unorthodox thinking to traditional challenges.  Eric believes in reducing as much as possible to objective analytics, so that monitoring and directing complex systems within a professional services environment can be accomplished.  The highlight of his vast experience facilitating the delivery of quality legal services in a volume environment was demonstrated in the case, In re Black Farmers Discrimination Litigation, Case No. 08-mc-0511 (PLF) (D.D.C.).  In re Black Farmers Discrimination Litigation was one of the largest civil-rights cases in United States history.  Eric designed and implemented several major administrative programs including custom database development and management of a potential class size nearing 100,000 claimants.  His work was cited by the Court when awarding the maximum amount of attorneys’ fees in the case.  Eric has a diverse background which started with his enlistment in the United States Marine Corps, through years serving in a non-profit setting, and over seventeen years in an executive leadership role in what has become one of the largest plaintiffs’ practices in North Carolina – perhaps in the Southeast.  In addition to his other roles, he now oversees product development with legal technology start-up, Firm Analytics.



Eric received his Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and has completed additional graduate work in psychology and theology in the United States and Canada. Eric also received a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration from California State University, East Bay.

Military Service

Eric served in the United States Marine Corps, where he graduated as one of the top recruits in his platoon. He graduated from Marine Combat Training, as well as from multiple electronics schools. He served a total of eight years of both active and reserve service; he was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps as a non-commissioned officer.


Eric is innovative in legal technology, homogenizing efficient operational systems with state-of-the-art technology. He is an inventor who holds several U.S. patents (Concealing a Personal Number; 9,703,985; Database Searching Based on User-Definable Parameters; 9,785,312), with several other utility and design patents pending.

Professional Memberships, Licenses and Awards

Eric is a member of the American Association for Justice, North Carolina Advocates for Justice, the Marine Corps Association, and the Marine Corps League. He was formerly a member of the Association of Legal Administrators and the Raleigh Durham Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators. Eric received the Order of Service from the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, and was licensed as an adjuster in North Carolina. In 2014, Eric received the Recognition of Excellence Award from the National Black Farmers Association for his work on behalf of America’s black farming community.

Community Service

Eric volunteers his time for a number of causes. He focuses most of his volunteer time with the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate of the American Heart Association, where he serves on the Advocacy Coordinating Committee. Eric also serves as the Chair of the disbursement committee for the Carolina Justice PAC, and has previously volunteered for the RDU Advisory Committee of the USO of North Carolina, Triangle Mended Little Hearts, as well as several years as an assistant coach for various youth athletic programs.


$1.25B settlement a feat of logistics as well as law
Triangle Business Journal, Black Farmer Award
Legislative Work, New Law, Pulse Oximetry Screening for Newborns (NC)
Legislative Work, New Law, CPR/Heimlich Maneuver Requirement for High School Children (NC)
Public Relations Work, Fighting Workers Compensation Reform (NC)
In re Black Farmers Discrimination Litigation, Opinion on Attorneys’ Fees
Legislative Work, New Law, Claims Resolution Act of 2010 (US)
Invitation to White House for signing of the Claims Resolution Act of 2010
Declaration of work on In re Black Farmers Discrimination Litigation
Television Appearance, Black Farmers Discrimination (NC)
Issue Amplification Work, Black Farmers Discrimination (US)