Rey Sosa

Rey Sosa

Rey is formally trained in logistics and has a keen eye for process improvement. A former United States Marine, he understands the importance of detail orientation and accomplishing the mission. Rey has over five years of experience working in one of the largest high-volume firms in Southeast; he knows how to move cases. Rey's professional experience is diverse, from operations to client intake and investigation to case management and negotiations.


Rey received his Associates of Arts in Criminal Justice from Carolina Community College. He is also bilingual, speaking fluent Spanish.

Military Service

Rey served in the United States Marine Corps, where he was trained in logistics. He was decorated multiple times for his overseas service including for participating in the global war on terrorism. Rey served a total of eight years of both active and reserve service and was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps as a non-commissioned officer.

Professional Memberships, Licenses and Awards

In addition to the awards above, Rey received the Selected Marine Corps Reserve Medal, the Armed Forces Reserve Medal, the Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, and the National Defense Medal.